How to Optimise Your Weight Sustainably vol. 1

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How to lose weight? How to burn fat fast? The best diet for losing fat? Such questions are very popular (not only) among women, especially with the coming summer and swimsuit season. One of the most common mistakes on your way to the body of your dreams is a random decision and dubious motivation. That is why I would like to contribute a biohacker’s approach to this topic as well. Consider this article a sort of an introduction which will allow you to view slimming a little differently and on which we will build further. 

By a biohacker’s approach I refer to a conscious and attentive observation of your body’s reactions and, based on these, the subsequent systematic choice of next steps. We will also mix in a little bit of female tenderness here. So let’s begin!

PS: This time, I recommend keeping a piece of paper or your biohacker’s journal handy.

I want to optimise my weight. How should I begin?

  1. Pause and think. Why is changing your weight important to you?

With what purpose do you wish to start? Are you thinking about a diet because a friend mentioned one? Has there been an emotional trigger in your life? Your favourite trousers don’t fit? Has the number on the scale changed? You looked at the calendar and the date screamed swimsuit season?! Or is the reason a recent talk with a doctor who has recommended losing weight?

Why should you begin this way?

Identifying the reason that made you consider losing weight may show you the truth which you are trying not to see and which may have nothing to do with the number on the scale. At the same time, this small reflection will give you the opportunity to slow down and think about how you want to approach this journey. Last but not least, it may serve as a prevention of chaotically buying various nutritional drinks which are supposed to substitute balanced meals, or diving into extreme diets. Plop.

  1. The right timing

If you have decided to optimise your weight, carefully consider the timing. What life stage are you currently at? Can you afford to direct a portion of your energy into this area, or do you know beforehand that your responsibilities (family or work related) will not allow it?

Why is timing so important?

You may realise that the way in which you have operated until now is no longer functional. You might have to change your automatic behaviour (eg. grabbing a croissant for breakfast) for new behaviour (eg. making  time for a balanced breakfast). A careful consideration of your situation may not only make your journey easier, but also increase your chances of success. Try to prevent and avoid feelings of frustration due to failure. Adopting new habits is in itself quite challenging for our brain, so let’s try to make it easier, as much as possible. ☺

  1. Explore and accept how your body deals with discomfort.

This could be a great opportunity to get to know yourself better.

  1. Be realistic

Our surroundings, the media, or even just our head may feed us notions that are not very helpful. One of them is the idea that we should look a certain way or weigh this or that much, and that once we achieve this goal, the result will be magically fixed, will never change, and we will live happily ever after. Aehm.

The female body is dynamic. Thank god.

Let’s not forget such factors as our physiology, water retention, the different stages of the menstrual cycle, or the menopause. Here we are circling back to our individuality, yet again. Find your strength in it! ♥

  1. See and create connections

Quite frequently, when the slimming does not go according to plan or the results are not noticeable enough for us, we blame ourselves. We blame ourselves for lack of strong will or insufficient motivation. This is the perfect opportunity for applying  a biohacker’s approach.

Slow down, please. Think and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Collect your own data and use it to plan your next steps. You will see – it’s fun!

“If you want success, the foremost thing is to ensure you are not the obstacle to it.” Sadhguru

PS: Please, be gentle with yourself, woman. Do not compare yourself to those around you; each one of us has a different path.

Tereza Celbová

Tereza Celbova

Tereza enjoys discovering the complexity of the human body and mind. She is pleased to find trends and patt

She is constantly asking what is happening? Why? And how?
Through modeling, Tereza had the opportunity to experience new countries and cultures, igniting a passion for exploration. For education purposes, she has now settled in charming (and rainy) Wales.

Insatiable curiosity about the complexity of the human body (and soul), as well as personal problems with the menstrual cycle, drove her into the arms of biohacking. She immediately fell in love with it, as it allows her to find trends and patterns that she can use to better understand and subsequently optimise her own biology and emotions. Biohacking simply helps to answer what is happening? Why? And how it could be done better?

One of her go-to hacks is sun exposure. How could it not be? With its ability to adjust your circadian rhythm and to stimulate serotonin production!

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