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Team building for your team? Lectures on biohacking?

Would you like to help your employees to deal with the pitfalls of everyday professional as well as personal life? Great. That is where we shine.

We organise webinars on specific topics, lectures, retreats, and yearly academies. We tailor them to suit the needs of particular companies and their employees perfectly.


Why is pampering your employees worth it?

Stress is detrimental to productivity

Stressed out employees make more mistakes and their productivity plummets. The same goes for managers. However, if you let us help to show your people how to deal with stressful situations and improve their health, you will have an indestructible team of resilient, happier and more productive partners. Energy will start flowing in the office, focus will improve, and creativity will soar. Your employees will start managing both their professional and private life with a lot more ease and joy.

Fires must be put out

Do you feel stifling tiredness and frustration in your team? Projects drag and the spark has faded away from the workplace? Our programs serve as an excellent burnout prevention. They have also proved to be great team building activities. You will see that the atmosphere in your team will clear out and become more relaxed.

What will be the main takeaway for your team?

  • Basic principles of biohacking and longevity that can be incorporated into daily life.
  • Functional methods of dealing with stress, in the workplace and elsewhere.
  • Breathing techniques and cold exposure for a more resilient nervous system.
  • Essential information on the most important dietary supplements that bring the most benefits.
  • Clues for choosing quality supplements for your specific needs.
  • Valuable know-how of the latest scientific discoveries in the area of longevity.

Do you want to learn more? 

Is this precisely what your people need? We will be happy to perk up yet another team! All you have to do is email our marketing manager Kristyna at and we will come up with an offer tailored to your specific needs.