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Welcome, Sys, and don’t you worry. Not all beginnings have to be difficult. We have paved the way to biohacking for you. Take our hand, let us guide you, and listen to your own wisdom.

What is
[ biohacking ]?

Put simply, biohacking is a complex set of techniques, supplements, self-experimentation and tracking, functional food, sustainable habits, and other strategies for optimising human biology.

Everyone has a slightly different definition of biohacking, though, since its cornerstone is individuality. You can imagine it as an extension of a healthy lifestyle.

The fruits of biohacking are sweet and juicy. It brings us back to balance and resistance, although in order to get there, you - paradoxically - sometimes have to step out of your comfort zone and away from your centre. It will help you stand in full strength, listen to the whispering of your body, and live a long quality life.

Let’s not play at men. Why is
[ biohacking ] for women so important?

Men have been given more stable and predictable bodies. They can play with cold, heat, supplements, diet, and fasting without limitations and get steadier results.

A woman, on the other hand, is more changeable on all biological levels. That’s one of the reasons why there is a lack of studies and data for female biohackers to rely on. As a result, women sometimes follow methods based on knowledge about the male body, and unknowingly harm themselves.

Embrace your femininity

We don’t want to play at men anyways. The female body uses the cycle to share with us plenty of information about our health. Thanks to these signals, as well as our strong intuition, we women can benefit from biohacking too.

Biohacking then becomes our own personal custom-made lab for experimentation. Every woman takes responsibility for herself into her own hands. Embracing her femininity, she is gifted with a completely individualised care. From herself to herself.

How will female biohacking help you move forward?

  • It will raise your healthy lifestyle to a new level.
  • It will help optimise your individual female biology.
  • It will help you live in harmony with your cycle throughout your whole life.
  • You will start to feel amazing in your body.
  • You will mature with grace.
  • You will start glowing. For yourself and others.

How can women start biohacking?


Figure out your motivation.

This will help you create a system of habits sustainable over a long period of time. Start a biohacking journal. A book of experiments, protocols, and magic. Whatever makes you happy.

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Harmonise your biorhythm day and night with a morning routine and evening sleep hygiene. 

Red glasses with a blue light filter are a simple biohack with a great impact. If you’d like to know why it’s good to block the undesirable spectrum of light in the evening, read here.

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Build up your strength, stability, and charge your mitochondrial batteries.

Improve your resistance - both mental and physical - and watch the obstacles in your life disappear one by one. Integrate the holistic concept of Fitness, Wellness, and Stillness into your life. You can dive into strategies for mental resistance and information on positive stressin our magazine.

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Nourish your beautiful female body.

Diet is wonderfully multifaceted and is a sort of life-long experiment for every one of us. That’s one of the reasons why it should be as individualised and functional as possible. As a woman, you should put special emphasis on sufficient essential amino acids.

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Supplemen as a woman.

Prevent all kinds of possible nutrient deficiencies and support your body in its weakened points. You will find a basic set of supplements for women at the bottom of the page. Then you can choose any extra supplementation targeting your specific needs. 

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Self-observation and tracking

Track your cycle and plan your activities accordingly. 

Observe yourself. Track yourself. Be your own scientist. Use advanced technology if you feel like it. Collect data about yourself and use it to optimise your biology.

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Basic supplementation for women

Even though every one of us is completely unique, we happily and with a clear conscience recommend this basic set of supplements to virtually all women with hardly any exceptions.

Omega-3 fatty acids

They benefit hormonal balance and ovulation, mental health, beautiful hair and skin. They also support normal functioning of the brain and heart. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, omega-3 will promote your baby’s development, too.


Magnesium will allow your body to regenerate, help with headaches and migraines, it will alleviate PMS symptoms, improve sleep quality, support the functioning of the endocrine glands and help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

B komplex:

Vitamins B are a great help for a healthy brain and mental resistance, the menstrual cycle, as well as alleviating PMS symptoms, regeneration, and detoxification pathways in the body.

Black Stuff

It will balance your gut microbiome, support the absorption of nutrients from food and supplements, bind and remove unnecessary or harmful substances from the body, support your skin health, and help you step into your full strength.

Vitamin C

This little helper will boost your natural immunity, protect cells from oxidative stress, help your body fight off tiredness, support normal collagen production, and improve iron absorption.

Vitamin D3

The “sunshine vitamin” will boost your immunity and reduce inflammation, but also support your brain health, hormonal balance including ovulation and pregnancy, regeneration and tissue growth during quality sleep, and even the health of your teeth.

We’ve covered the basics,
what’s next?

Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered.

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