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Veronika Allister, the founder of Systers, spent years searching for a project that would take female individuality and uniqueness into account in health care. Yet she didn’t find it anywhere in the world. Biohacking has always been a predominantly male discipline, and its methods did not factor in the female cycle and other specificities of female biology.

She decided to change it.

She started to create and gather know-how that helps women of all generations live a long, fulfilling, and quality life. Now she wants to pass it all on to you, through Systers.


Biohacking as a lifestyle[ tried and tested methods ]

Veronika has put together a team of scientists joined by experienced biohackers and together they raise public awareness about optimising female health. They draw on their own experience with biohacking techniques, work with substantiated scientific data, and listen to unfailing ancestral wisdom. They educate themselves daily and desire to pass on their profound insight into the workings of female biology.

They don’t just speak about biohacking, they live it. And you can join in.

How can you start biohacking?

“Together we will embark on a journey of self-knowledge and a holistic approach to health. Your possibilities are limitless, you can thrive in your body, mind, and soul.”

Veronika Allister

I want to start biohacking!

E-shop. Education. Community[ vision ]

For years Veronika has been testing food supplements from different suppliers, and thus learned to easily recognise the best products on the market. In addition to the quality of production, she cares deeply about an ethical approach to the animal kingdom and our planet, and she must also resonate with the values and general philosophy of the manufacturer. It is precisely thanks to these strict standards that we at Systers have a clear conscience when offering you what really works - for both the female body and the planet.

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Put simply, we are here to choose only the very best for you from the huge tangle of information, people, and products.To offer you knowledge and tools that will help you feel absolutely amazing in your female body

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About our founder Veronika Allister[ our founder ]

In her life, Veronika has passed many tests in the areas of physical and mental health. This experience led her to biohacking and longevity. She is fascinated with human biology, brain, and consciousness. She views life on this planet as one great game, and so she chooses with whom she wants to play and what toys to pick.

Veronika is also the author of the best-selling Burn Slowly, founder of the Code of Life project, and is now fully devoted to the Systers project that helps women optimise their biology. One underlying principle is present in all her work: an interconnectedness of ancient wisdom and modern technology and science available to us now.

Meet other Systers

Veronika Allister

Founder & Chief biohacker

The founder of Systers focuses mainly on longevity, cold therapy, and the future of medicine. There is one underlying principle present in all her work - the interconnectedness of ancient wisdom, modern technology, and science.

Kristýna Volfová

Marketing Manager

It is quite likely that you know of Systers thanks to Kris and none other! She is responsible for our bullshit-free marketing and, from her perspective of a graduate cultural anthropologist, she enjoys observing our return back to the wisdom of our ancestors through biohacking.

Dana Jelínková

The Queen of Warehouse

Danča is the one who neatly organises all your products in a packet. She keeps a watchful eye on our stock and orders goods so that there is always a wide product range for you to choose from.

Jan Allister

B2B, wholesale cooperation

For now, only one man balances all that female energy in our team. He builds strong relationships between Systers and our wholesale partners from Czechia as well as abroad, and ensures smooth collaboration with our suppliers.

Klára Sedláková

Head of Creative

Klárka is our visual guru with an aesthetic soul. She transforms Systers Instagram account into a small work of art, takes care of Systers lectures, and gives Systers a timeless look.

Alena Barnová

eCommerce Manager

Alča loves order and structure, and that is what she contributes to our colourful team. It is thanks to her organisational skills that our e-shop works as flawlessly as the best cared-for biohacker’s body.

Tereza Celbová

Female Biohacker & Project Assistant

She was driven into the arms of biohacking by her health issues as well as her fascination with the complexity of the human body and mind. She shares her deep insight at Systers events, and you can also have a look at her informative articles in our Systers magazine.

Kristýna Zezulová

Scientist & Content Creator

Our molecular biologist, biochemist, and neurophysiologist strives to understand the body, mind, and the universe around and inside us, all through experiments and science. She shares her knowledge through Systers lectures, camps, and our magazine.

Monika Wikarska

Cosmetic Chemist, Microbiologist & Biochemist

Monika, a biophysical chemist and an expert on skin microbiome, shares her expertise in the life of our skin’s miniature inhabitants. In addition to that, she is also the creator of her own cosmetic line Wikarska Symbiotics.

Ivana Kolcunová

Bodyfulness Inspirator

This wonderful yogi, acrobat, and artist has been with us since the very beginning. She is also the author of the Exposed performance that explains female cyclical nature through art. One of the things she will teach you at Systers Camps is a loving approach to your own body.

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