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Veronika Allister, the founder of Systers, spent a long time looking for a female health project that would combine the wisdom of our grandmothers with scientific approach and the latest technologies in the field of longevity and biohacking. But she couldn’t find it anywhere in the world.

And so she began to gather and create the know-how that would help women of all generations live a long and full life in their bodies. Now she wants to pass it all on to you through Systers.

For years, she experimented with dietary supplements from various suppliers, and thus learned to easily recognize the best products on the market. In addition to the quality of production, she also cares deeply about the ethical treatment of animals and the planet, and she must also identify with the values and overall philosophy of the producer.

Only thanks to these strict standards can we offer you things that really work for both, the female body and the planet. And so we offer them to you with a clear conscience.

The vision of the project does not stay close to the ground. In addition to the eshop with dietary supplements, you can also look forward to our own products, functional and tasty foods. We are preparing a mobile application that will help you optimize the biology of your body step by step. We are also setting up an academy of women’s biohacking, organize offline camps and much more.

Put simply, we are here to choose only the best for you from that huge mass of information, people and products. To pass on to you the knowledge and tools that will help you feel absolutely amazing in your female body.

Veronika Allister

Founder, CEO

About our founder

Veronika has faced many challenges in her life, both physical and mental. This experience led her to biohacking and the field of longevity. She is fascinated by human biology, the brain and consciousness. For Veronika life here on this planet is one great game, so she chooses who she wants to play with and also with which toys. Veronika is also the author of the bestseller Burn Slowly, the founder of the Code of Life project and is now fully dedicated to Systers, which focuses specifically on women and the optimisation of their biology. In all her work, she includes one fundamental principle, and that is interconnecting ancestral wisdom with our everyday reality, that is, modern technology and science.

Our team

Alena Barnová

eCommerce Manager

Vít Laštůvka

IT & Project Manager

Jan Allister

Wholesale Manager

Klára Sedláková

Content Creator

Dana Jelínková

The Queen of Warehouse

Our experts

Kristýna Zezulová

Molecular & Neurophysiology Scientist

Monika Wikarská

Cosmetic Chemist, microbiologist, biochemist
Tereza Celbová



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